Guest Speakers: Jerry & Lynn Jones

"Relationships Matter" Seminar
October 3-6, 2021
When long-term problems exist in any relationship, they can usually be traced to mental heath issues, physical health issues or family of origin issues. Relationships Matter is a 13-session conference with the intent to help each individual mature spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
We are excited that Jerry and Lynn Jones will be bringing their Relationships Matter seminar to the Muscatine Church of Christ next fall and look forward to sharing Jerry and Lynn's Biblical and clinical expertise on relationships with the whole community. Check out the video below for more information on the Relationships Matter seminar:

The congregation of the Muscatine Church of Christ has provided input and planning to mark out the path forward for our congregation.  We have identified nine specific goals of where we want to go and what we want to become.

Our Fellowship

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Our fellowship bonds are strong; we meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our brethren; our love transcends age, race and class barriers; and the community knows us by the love we have for each other.

Our Worship

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Our worship service instills an attitude of reverence for our God; our prayers are sincere; our songs represent our hearts; teaching truth is paramount; the spoken message is comprehensive, compelling and addresses our struggles; and the members are fully engaged.

Our Teaching

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The Holy Bible is our only guide; it serves as the subject for all of our classes and study groups; we appreciate the dedication of our teachers; we provide opportunities for full Bible discussion; we utilize the latest appropriate technology; and we strive to improve our Bible knowledge and to have wisdom in its application to our lives.

Our Outreach

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We are a beacon leading the lost of our community to God; we reach out through organized and individual efforts; we support missionaries in the foreign field; our primary emphasis is to reach our friends, families and neighbors with the gospel of Jesus; we relish visitors; we stand ready to teach and to give an answer for the hope that lies within us; and we welcome the challenges that come with growth.

Our Serving

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We share our God-given blessings, both time and money, with those in need; we minister to our brethren and those of the community; we cooperate with community-based organizations serving the needs of area residents; we remember our older members; and we respond to special needs around the globe.

Our Youth

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We realize the attractions of the world we live in and are trying to show our youth the importance of a God-filled life; we are breaking down age barriers through structured interaction; we are establishing mentoring relationships; we give our youth meaningful leadership roles today in preparation for their full responsibility in the future; we encourage joint family activities; and we provide appropriate guidance and encouragement.

Our Spiritual Growth

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We realize we are all saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ; we strive to improve our walk with God; we pattern our lives after Jesus; we appreciate and nurture the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; we look for ways to grow in faith and to help others do the same; we support one another in our struggles; and we strive for individual spiritual growth and the utilization of the talents of all our members.

Our Facilities

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Our building, parking and land are adequate for our ministries, convenient and fully utilized; the facilities are periodically expanded and reorganized to meet the varying needs of our growing membership; and we make them available to the community as a means of outreach.

Our Leadership

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Our leadership seeks God's guidance as they lead; provides and communicates direction to the congregation; is comprised of a preacher who is a dynamic teacher and spokesman, our elders who are caring and dedicated shepherds, and our deacons who are well organized and effective servants.

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