Exciting News!

We are pleased to announce our new minister at the Muscatine Church of Christ -

Donny Anderson

It is with a great sense of joy, confidence, and unity that we formally introduce you to Donald (Donny) Anderson, our new preaching minister, and his wife, Karen. Donny and Karen are from the Houston, Texas, area. Until they are able to move to Iowa and due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, Donny will be ministering long distance from there through the use of all available forms of communication and also Zoom for worship services. Soon, when Covid settles down and it is safer to travel, he will commute two Sundays a month throughout the winter to preach in person until they can actually move to Iowa.

Donny is well educated, with backgrounds in Bible, business, and counseling. We believe some of Donny's greatest gifts are his:

  • Strong knowledge and experience in marriage and family counseling.

  • Empathy and compassion that have grown out of his life experiences.

  • Ability as a well-spoken and passionate teacher and preacher of the Word.

  • Excellent theological fit for the Muscatine church family.

  • Thoughtful, well-developed knowledge of Scripture.

  • Ability to connect well with people from diverse backgrounds.

  • Heart for evangelism and community.

The search for a minister has proven to be a demanding process, especially during a pandemic, requiring our best efforts and most fervent prayers over a full year. We truly believe that Donny Anderson is the man God has called to fill this vital role in our church family. We are excited about Donny and Karen; and we know you will be too. We hope and pray this will be a strong partnership that lasts for many years and helps us accomplish God's plans for the mission and future of His kingdom in this community. May God bless us all as we take this important step into His future for this congregation.

Donny and Karen Anderson

Donny and Karen Anderson

We want to thank Dr. Brent Isbell of Interim Ministry Partners for his dedication in guiding us through the minister selection process; for being our Interim Minister, bringing us enlightening lessons from God's Word; and for all the travel time that was required for him to be with us three Sundays a month. It was all greatly appreciated!